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विषय- English General कक्षा-8 Modal Answer || प्रतिभा पर्व मूल्यांकन वर्कशीट 2021-22

महत्त्वपूर्ण निर्देश–

1. कौशल आधारित लिखित प्रश्न– वर्कशीट में दिए गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर वर्कशीट में प्रश्न के नीचे/आगे दिए स्थान में निर्देशानुसार लिखे जाएँ।
2. वर्कशीट में खण्ड 'अ' के अन्तर्गत पूछे गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर निर्धारित समय-सारणी अनुसार बच्चे द्वारा कक्षा में लिखे जाएंगे। खण्ड 'ब' अन्तर्गत प्रोजेक्ट वर्क से संबंधित प्रश्न बच्चे घर पर रहकर भी लिख सकेगें।

Section - A
Multiple Choice Questions (Q.1-8)

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions (1-4)
निम्न गद्यांश को पढ़कर प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए।

Neem is a tall evergreen tree with small bright green leaves. It is found throughout India. It is popularly known as the miracle tree. Each part of the neem tree is used in medicines.

Neem oil is effective in the treatment of leprosy and skin diseases. Its leaves are used in the treatment of chicken pox. Neem tree is usually taken to relieve headache and fever. Its flowers are used to cure intestinal problems. Neem bark and gum also yield valuable medicine.

People in India use neem twigs to brush their teeth. Dried Neem leaves are put in drawers and cupboards to keep out moths and cockroaches. Neem is widely used as a fertilizer for sugarcane and vegetables. Some people consider the neem tree sacred and tie its leaves at the entrance of their houses to keep off evil spirits. Newly born babies are laid upon the neem leaves for good health and protection from diseases. Neem is considered to be a wonder tree by people all over the world.

Q.1 - Neem flowers are beneficial in treating-
(A) skin diseases
(B) chicken pox
(C) intestinal problems
(D) fever
Ans. - Intestinal Problems

Q. 2 - Dried leaves are put in cupboards to-
(A) keep out lizards and ants.
(B) keep away insects.
(C) keep the clothes clean.
(D) keep the leave safe.
Ans. - Keep away insect.

Q. 3 - Some people tie the leaves of neem at the entrance of their houses-
(A) to keep off evil spirits
(B) to keep away animals
(C) to decorate their house
(D) to cure sickness
Ans. - To keep off evil spirits

Q. 4 - Neem is called a 'wonder tree' because-
(A) it is thick.
(B) it is long.
(C) it is a useful fertilizer.
(D) each part of the tree is useful.
Ans. Each part of the tree is useful.

Q.5 - The rhyming word for 'good' is-
(A) guard
(B) greed
(C) wood
(D) god
Ans. wood

Q.6 - Find the odd word and write.
(A) house
(B) train
(C) bus
(D) car
Ans. House

Q.7 - Past simple form of the verb drink is-
(A) drinker
(B) drinked
(C) drunk
(D) drank
Ans. - Drank

Q. 8 - Find the adverb and write.
(A) really
(B) realy
(C) real
(D) realistic
Ans. - Really

प्रतिभा पर्व मूल्यांकन कक्षा 6 से 8 की मॉडल आंसर शीट।
1. मॉडलAnswer Sheet कक्षा 7 हिन्दी विशिष्ट
2. मॉडल आंसर शीट कक्षा 8 वीं विषय- हिन्दी विशिष्ट
3. Modal Answer Sheet 6th English
4. हिन्दी विशिष्ट कक्षा - 6 मॉडल आंसर शीट
5. 7th सामाजिक विज्ञान मॉडल आंसर शीट

Short Answer Type Questions (Q.9-13)

Q. 9 - Write the comparative and superlative form of the given words.
Ans. -
easy ------ easier ------- easiest
deep ----- deeper ------ deepest

Q. 10 - Which day comes between Saturday and Monday? Write any one work that you do that day.
Ans. - Sunday comes between Saturday and Monday. I play cricket on Sunday.

Q. 11 - How are the days in the south during January?
Ans. - The days in the south during January are very fine.

Q.12 - Why did Bhola and Shanti decide to sell the horse?
Ans.Bhola and Shanti decided to sell the horse because it ate a lot of fodder and it was expensive to feed it.

Q.13 - Make a format of making notes.
(किसी दिए गए विवरण या अनुच्छेद की मुख्य बातों को सारगर्भित रुप से लिखना नोट मेकिंग कहलाता है। इसके अन्तर्गत निम्नलिखित बिंदु समाहित किए जाते हैं।)
Ans. - Heading - over all idea
Subheading - important points
Points - important main points
Subpoints - important points
Draft - points in a sequence

Long Answer Type Questions (Q. 14-16)

Q.14 - Write any one stanza of the poem which you like the most.
Ans. -
How often we wish for another chance
To make a fresh beginning,
A chance to blot out our mistakes
And change failure into winning.

Q. 15 - Look at the picture and write eight sentences about it.


Ans. - 1. This is a classroom.
2. There is a picture of Goddess Saraswati in the classroom.
3. A teacher is teaching his students.
4. There are eight students in this classroom.
5. There are some things like a blackboard, a chair and a table in the classroom.
6. Students have sit in pair in the desk.
7. The students are listening their teacher.
8. This is a neat and clean classroom.

Q. 16 - Find the adjectives from the circle and write them.
Ans. -



प्रतिभा पर्व मूल्यांकन कक्षा 1 से 5 की मॉडल आंसर शीट।
1. हिन्दी कक्षा -5 मॉडल आंसरशीट
2. हिन्दी विशिष्ट कक्षा 4 प्रतिभापर्व 2022
3. कक्षा4 पर्यावरण मॉडल आंसर शीट
4. 3rd हिन्दी विशिष्ट मॉडल आंसरशीट Pratibha Parv
5. Modal Answer Sheet 5th English
6. Modal Answer Sheet General English Class 3rd

I hope the above information will be useful and important.
(आशा है, उपरोक्त जानकारी उपयोगी एवं महत्वपूर्ण होगी।)
Thank you.
R F Temre

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